Rules About What To Wear On A Date

We all want to look perfect on our first date, which sometimes can become a hard decision because there are a lot of factors that we need to pay attention to.First and the basic rule is comfortable, but also effective style. On the other hand, looking „too perfect“ can be tasteless. So you need to find the middle, a combination of clothes that will show off your attributes, that will look extravagant and chick.

Here’re a few pieces of advice about a „date style“.

The clothes that perfectly fits you, and is totally in your style, but is also in connection with your personality, is the one that will make you feel self – confident. If you are a fan of high heels and jeans, choose that combination.

It will create a good image about you, and that’s the most important for a first date because self – confidence is something that everyone will notice.

When we say „wear smart,“ we think you should adjust your outfit to the place where you were headed. If you don’t do that, you will feel unpleasant, and you might be nervous which will affect the whole atmosphere of the night. If you’re not sure what would be appropriate, choose something that you are sure in that you will feel good. You will feel natural and dressed for the moment.
Buying new clothes or the accessories can lift up your self – confidence. It’s the same with the hair and makeup, which need to be perfect. Remember – shiny and smelly hair is very attractive. Furthermore, we all have heard men prefer natural look but don’t worry if that kind of makeup is not your style. The most important thing is to represent yourself as you are.


If you want to show the other person that you are interesting and different, we advise you to chose a new outfit for a second date, in a different style. So, for example, if your first date was in boyfriend jeans, wear the cocktail dress for the next one.


Meeting his friends is also very important. You need to leave a good impression on them too. Make sure you wear casual and comfortable. So, pick nice blouses, jeans or maxi skirt.


It’s clear that meeting the other side’s family is not an easy task. It’s up to you to totally impress them. Don’t worry; that’s not going to be that complicated because the formula is clear: chose smart, sophisticated pieces. Jeans, casual shirt, and heels are always a great choice if you meet parents in a relaxed, spontaneous atmosphere. If you need a formal look, pick a proper dress.

Life Can Be Unpredictable

By Betty Lopez / August 4, 2016

At the moment, we are facing a large terrorist threat around the globe. We all read headlines in the newspapers, and we all watched the news about the organization called ISIS, who are becoming a danger to all men and women. No matter if you are in Paris, Brussels, or New York, you cannot be safe because of their unpredictability. Sadly, this is not the first time we are facing with some Muslim terrorist organization. We all remember the events from September 11 when four planes were hijacked and when many people died because of that. Terrorist organizations are unpredictable, but so is life sometimes. Did you know that many weren’t on those planes, but they could be? Did you also know that many of them were celebrities?

Sure, lots of people survived because they had to reschedule their plans, so they were not on those plains, but that is the power of celebrities. Their voice is heard louder, and their stories have listened more carefully.

But we shouldn’t hold grudges against them because of this situation. Their confessions weren’t publicity stunts; they just wanted to share a story from which we can conclude that life is a wonderful thing, and we should cherish no matter what. Here are the some of the most famous persons who avoided the certain death.
Mark Wahlberg

This actor is best known for his roles in movies such as Boogie Nights and The Fighter. You may also remember him from the early nineties when he had hip hop and model career. He was known then as Marky Mark. However, he almost got into the plain, with his friends, from Boston to Los Angeles and that plane with its passenger ended earlier then it supposed to. He, in the last minute, rescheduled his plans and decided to go to the film festival in Canada. In the interviews, he likes to say that those events change his life and that he has another perspective towards the life from then.
Seth MacFarlane

The already mentioned Mark Wahlberg and this guy have something in common and no, I don’t think about their collaboration in the movie Ted or their Boston origin. Both of them should be on the same plane that was hijacked. MacFarlane wasn’t on this plane because his travel agent had a mix-up and told him the wrong time for takeoff.

This comedic guy, when he is telling this story, always talks about this event with one joke. He said that he was a hangover, because of the drinking from the night before, and that’s why he was late for the plane.

He also noted that alcohol is his friend for being there for him and for making him late for that plane. Surely this joke isn’t so much funny for all recovering alcoholics out there.
Ian Thorpe

Before Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe was number one guy in the world of swimming. He won gold at Olympics and in that time ha was staying in New York. That day he wanted to visit World Trade Centre, but he forgot his camera, so he went back to his hotel. Afterward, when he wanted to go back, the tragedy occurred, and the rest is history.

Accept Your Destiny And Built An Ultimate Form Of Self – Esteem

By Betty Lopez / July 4, 2016

When someone told you today that to accomplish some success, you not only need to have bigger self – esteem, but to be sure that your success is inevitable, would you consider that arrogance? But, is there something bad in accepting that?

Having a good self – esteem in a remarkable thing. This is what most of the Zen moguls would recommend for productive and fascinating life. But, be aware, self – esteem can bear out at some point.

Similar to our body, which suffers pressure and punches and needs rebuilding. Self – esteem is far more durable thanks to the state of your mind.

There is a self – esteem, but then, there is also an acceptance
Acceptance no matter what, whether you will succeed or fail or are you born to accomplish something or whether your destiny will be fulfilled, you need to accept all those things. This might seem a little arrogant, but little arrogance can’t hurt you. It is always recommended to be in some state of delirium than to be insecure or belittled.
It is hard to accept that your inevitable destiny of success isn’t arrogant thinking, but it’s the right way to think and to believe in yourself. If you are doing your job properly, what stops you to believe in yourself? That’s contrary to intuition.

Nowadays, you can’t be so passive and not to believe in yourself in an aggressive way. Don’t put yourself down, always aim high and think about all of your biggest qualities. You can’t lie to yourself and tell you aren’t worth of anything.
Here are the things you can do to accept your destiny:
Admit you are doing your job properly and giving the best of you.Admit you love your job and you want to spend your life doing it.
Admit you are worth human being and that you are capable of doing great things. Every human being can do large things if he sets up the limits, cliché we only use 11% of our brain can’t be more emphasized and wrong here.Why do we use the word “admit” because it’s the key to accepting your destiny, by admitting the reasons that influence on your destiny and making it achievable, you will comprehend your true value? The moment you accept that you worth something is the moment you accept that all that effort is yours. You must value yourself and spend less time in purring yourself down. 
Of course, it’s important that you don’t use this acceptance to become an arrogant fool. There has to be a balance between modesty which will prevail when the arrogance kicks in, which will later become your acceptance.

Having a good self – esteem in a remarkable thing. This is what most of the Zen moguls would recommend for productive and fascinating life. But, be aware, self – esteem can bear out at some point.

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