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Rules About What To Wear On A Date

By Betty Lopez / September 4, 2016

We all want to look perfect on our first date, which sometimes can become a hard decision because there are a lot of factors that we need to pay attention to.First and the basic rule is comfortable, but also effective style. On the other hand, looking „too perfect“ can be tasteless. So you need to […]


Life Can Be Unpredictable

By Betty Lopez / August 4, 2016

At the moment, we are facing a large terrorist threat around the globe. We all read headlines in the newspapers, and we all watched the news about the organization called ISIS, who are becoming a danger to all men and women. No matter if you are in Paris, Brussels, or New York, you cannot be […]


Accept Your Destiny And Built An Ultimate Form Of Self – Esteem

By Betty Lopez / July 4, 2016

When someone told you today that to accomplish some success, you not only need to have bigger self – esteem, but to be sure that your success is inevitable, would you consider that arrogance? But, is there something bad in accepting that? Similar to our body, which suffers pressure and punches and needs rebuilding. Self […]

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